We are local owned and operated. We are straightforward results oriented studio. No long term contracts and happy to offer instruction, guidance and support. We care about our members. offer small group training classes for all fitness backgrounds our classes target functional strength, HIIT training, fat loss, Sports Training. We utilize TRX training, high-intensity interval training, kettlebell and resistance activities, and strength training. If group fitness is not your cup of tea we offer Personal Training, it involves a bevy of activities including kickboxing, weight training, plyometric, TRX, Rip Trainer, OBSC Training sports specific. These one-on-one sessions are held for an hour and are a great way to work toward your goals without worrying about keeping pace with a class.We also offer Zumba classes and now DXF classes which uses dance, weights and kickboxing all together for an amazing fun and maximum calorie burnining workout. Remember, that regular exercise is the key to living better and having more energy.